Gérard Araud is a man who is very present in the French media. He is regularly heard commenting on the world’s economic and political news on France Inter, France Culture, France Info, Radio Canada … as well as on the 24-hour news channels BFM TV, France 24, LCI…and many interventions on the English media.

Interviews with Gérard Araud

Feedback on the Ambassador Gérard Araud‘s interventions in the United States.


Interview de Gérard Araud sur LCI – 11 octobre 2023

L’ancien ambassadeur Gérard Araud était l’invité d’Adrien Gindre dans le 6/9 de Jean-Baptiste Boursier pour évoquer la situation au Proche-Orient.Guerre Israël-Hamas : “la fin du monde occidental”


KEYWORDS French ambassador to the United States, lecturer and expert in geopolitics, Counselor at the French Embassy in Washington, relationships between the United States and Israel