In October 2021, Gérard Araud’s new book “Henry Kissinger, le diplomate du siècle”, published by Tallandier, will be available in bookshops.

An admirer of Kissinger, whom he met many times, Gérard Araud tells the story of the man in all its complexity and the exceptional career of a major player in 20th century foreign policy.
Kissinger is an extraordinary story. It is the story of a young Jewish man born in 1923 in Germany whose family fled Nazism for New York. A sharp intelligence, hard-working and overly playful, he knew how to navigate in all circumstances from the Bronx to Harvard to the White House. National Security Advisor and then Secretary of State, he was, alongside President Nixon, a central player in world history: the end of the Vietnam War, the opening to China in 1974, the détente with the USSR and the Yom Kippur War… His exploits are numerous, in the Middle East or in Russia, but so are his defeats, in Chile or in Cambodia.

An outstanding negotiator – the Israeli Prime Minister used to say of him “if Kissinger wanted to sell you a car with one wheel missing, he would describe at length the exceptional qualities of the three remaining wheels…” – he aroused as much interest as he did in the United States. -The man inspires both admiration and distrust. But he still fascinates even though he has not been in power for more than forty years! At nearly 98 years of age, all the greats are jostling to consult him, from Putin, Xi Jinping or Modi to Emmanuel Macron, at the dawn of his presidency.

As a diplomat, Gérard Araud tells us about this unloved American, imbued with idealism, but a genius of realpolitik who regulated the game of powers to guarantee world peace.


In 2019, Gérard Araud published “Passeport diplomatique, quarante ans au Quai d’Orsay”( Grasset) « Passeport diplomatique, quarante ans au Quai d’Orsay »

A very dense book which testifies to a career in the service of France and his action without evading the failures and errors. It is a skillful blend of the account of the jolts of contemporary history and the specialist’s view of the solutions proposed by diplomacy.

His functions allowed him to be involved in some very sensitive issues that have made international news:

The stakes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Iranian nuclear negotiations…

Gérard Araud also devotes some fascinating pages with portraits of Obama, Trump, …

“Passeport diplomatique” is a book nuanced by the diplomatic approach, marked by a human vision.

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