Gérard Araud, International relationships expert


Gérard Araud, International relationships expert

"Gérard Araud, an outstanding Diplomat"

Barack Obama et Gérard Araud

A career diplomat, Gérard Araud, was French ambassador to the United States from 2014-2019. He has previously held numerous positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During his international career, he has developed a deep knowledge of American politics, the Middle East and strategic and security issues.

In the course of his ten years in New York and Washington, he deciphered American politics and worldwide geopolitics. Every day, this tweet enthusiast regales us with his realistic and enlightened analyses and shares with us his desire to understand the warning signs of economic and geopolitical upheavals.


Gérard Araud gave a lecture at  ILERI on 23 April on the new American administration: “Biden’s team is OBAMA 3” with an experienced team that served under the Obama administration;



In October 2021, Gérard Araud’s new book “Henry Kissinger, le diplomate du siècle”, published by Tallandier, will be available in bookshops. 
Admirer of Kissinger whom he has met many times, Gérard Araud tells the story of the man in all his complexity and the exceptional career of a major player in twentieth century foreign policy. (… read more)


Interviews with Gérard Araud

Feedback on the Ambassador Gérard Araud‘s interventions in the United States.



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“We were delighted with Mr. Araud’s conference! Fascinating, impactful, enlightening. The presidents of the Houses present were delighted. We were very happy and honored to receive him.
Thank you for your good advice which allowed the right direction and for your help in organizing this event. Perhaps we will have the opportunity to exchange again for future conferences.”

Pauline de Limerville, Executive Director
Union des Maisons de Champagne